Game of Thrones dragon eggs

  • 4″ x 3″
  • Materials used: size 10 crochet thread, size 3 crochet hook, cotton batting.
  • Work time: 24 hours for 1 egg, 3 days for full set

Update: The pattern is now available! Check it out.

A few weeks ago I learned how to do the crocodile stitch and I immediately knew I had to make the dragon eggs from Game of thrones with it. The stitches on these are a little wonky because I was still figuring it out/patterning as I went. You can also see batting through the sizable gaps. However, I found a different way to do the stitch to reduce the gap sizes. Maybe next time around.

Anyway, I thought it was an appropriate post with the start of the new season and Easter coming up.

Now if only I could get my hands on some real dragons…