Storybrooke Sheriff’s Badge


  • 3.25” x 3.25”
  • Materials used: Air dry clay, primer, gold spray paint, gloss top coat spray, acrylic paint (black, yellow ocher, burnt umber), faux leather, scrap quilting fabric, magnets, cardboard, epoxy glue
  • Work Time: approximately 24 hours


I started out by cutting a circle and triangle out of paper. Next, I rolled out air dry clay to about 1/8 of an inch in thickness. I cut out a circle and set it aside. Then I traced the triangle twice to form the star. I also rolled out 6 small balls to place on the points of the star.

I worked on the center first, using my shiny new sculpting tools to work in the patterned edges. After it dried, I glued it to the center of the star, and glued the small circles to the points with epoxy glue. I primed it, painted it gold, and applied the top coat. When that was dry I began painting on the words, the tree, and the mystery-beehive-object at the center. What is that thing anyway?

Next I had to work on the badge backing. I’m teaching myself how to sew, so this part came out very uneven and my explanation will not be technically correct and very vague. My apologies.

I drew a paper pattern of one shape—the back and front connected—and cut out two of them, one in faux leather and one in a scrap fabric (black with pink polkadots was the only dark one I had on hand). I left the leather whole, but cut the scrap fabric in half where the fold would be. I sewed them right sides together, then turned them right side out. After sewing a hem, I cut out 2 pieces of cardboard slightly smaller than the hemline, epoxy glued magnets near the bottom, and placed them inside the little pockets.

Finally, I glued the star to the backing, and TADA! I had a sheriff’s badge that could hook securely to my belt.


Normally I don’t go out on Halloween. I like to stay home, watch “scary” movies, and eat all the candy that doesn’t get given out. In costume, of course. Last year, however, my friends, Amanda and Kelsey, and I made up our minds to venture out and attend a party. Unfortunately, we decided a week before Halloween so we went on a mad scramble to think of a group costume we could do. Three days before the party, we finally settled on Once Upon a Time.

Amanda chose Belle, Kelsey chose Ruby, and I chose Emma. I would probably be better suited for Snow, but out of sheer coincidence I own a sword and a red leather jacket which someone had given it to me for Christmas years ago. It was a little big on me, but my outfit would definitely be recognizable as Emma, even with black hair. My excuse was my version inherited Snow’s hair =P

This project came out sloppier than I like, but I was on a time crunch. I’m proud of how quickly I got it done. AND I even had enough time to sew Ruby’s apron, as well as make a mold of Emma’s necklace. Unfortunately, the clay got stuck to and ruined the mold so that never got finished.

Alas, circumstances did not permit us to go to the party, so there are no pictures of us in costume. Maybe next year. Although if I had time, I’d DEFINITELY want to go as Mulan. I already have patterns mapped out in my head!