About the artist

Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Christine Advincula.

Born and bred New Yorker. Former web designer. Current indie game developer. Wannabe prop maker. Creative sponge.


Whether it was painting, crafting, cooking, or making pixel dolls and websites, I have always loved learning new methods of creating works of art. There's a satisfaction that comes from creating something beautiful from a few materials. It's alchemical. It's thrilling. I guess you can say I'm a creative addict!


Nothing inspires me more than geek culture. I have a vast appreciation for the worlds that other creative individuals craft. From superheroes, to anime, and video games, I love being immersed in the myth and magic that each story provides.

Purveyor of geek chic

I wear my geek mantle with pride, but licensed merch sometimes leaves much to be desired. I've hated that up until recently the only things you could find were gaudy, oversized, black or white t-shirts with the movie poster/actor's faces. I longed for a way to show off my inner nerd in a more subtle and aesthetically pleasing manner. My nail art and "cosplay-lite" works are my way of expressing love for the genre in fashionable way that can be worn with pride through everyday life.

Creative guide

I am a self-starter and most of what I have learned to do, I learned on my own. But I would never have gathered so much knowledge if other, more talented individuals hadn't been willing to share theirs with me. So it's my goal in life to continue that trend and help others unlock their own creative potentials. I firmly believe that everyone is born with a capacity to build beautiful things--they just need the right amount of encouragement and guidance. And I hope that in my own way I can provide that for all of you.

About the blog

This blog was started on Tumblr in 2012, under my social media tag, ceeliah. It was meant to be a casual showcase of my drawings, crafts, and nail art. As time went on, my fan-based work garnered attention. I also started gaining more followers who wanted to know how I did what I did. And thus, in 2014 I re-branded as Bad Mushroom, and in 2015 I started this self-hosted blog. This is my dedicated space on the web where I can continue to showcase my work, hopefully inspire others to make their own, and impart what meager creative knowledge I possess to anyone who stops by.

For all curious parties, Bad Mushroom is a reference both to a nickname given to me by my best friend after an unfortunate hair cut (eek!) and to one of my favorite animes: Cowboy Bebop. It comes from the episode "Mushroom Samba".

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