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Angry Birds Halloween candy bowl

My Mom is a total Angry Birds addict. The “Wheeeee!”’s and the sound of crashing have been my evening background noise since she discovered the game for her iPad. So I thought it’d be cute to make her a Halloween themed Angry Birds candy holder.

How to keep happy Whovian friends

18” x 13.25” Materials used: Gesso, acrylic paint, clear acrylic gloss, plexiglass Work time: Approximately 5 hours So for Christmas I wanted to get two of my bestest buds in the whole word, Amanda and Kelsey, the TARDIS tea pot. But overachiever that I am, I couldn’t stop at that. So I found a regular…

Poinsettia Christmas tree

Approximately 1’ tall Materials used: Cardboard, homemade paper mach paste, computer paper, masking tape, balloons, tin foil, paper clay, sandpaper, primer, copper spray paint, acrylic paint (black, white, green, yellow), gloss top coat spray, nail polish remover, velvet scrapbooking paper (red, dark red, green), seed beads, hot glue, gold ribbon, floral wire Work time: 1…