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#BobRossOnTwitch mani

To celebrate the new addition of the Twitch Creative channel, the team began The Joy of Painting marathon on Oct. 29, Bob Ross’ birthday. Just like the steady 40k+ viewers, I tuned in every day for 8.5 days to watch Bob paint, listen to his wisdom, and fawn over his critter friends. This nail set is my tribute to him and to the famed Twitch chat.

Spider-Gwen nail art

Much like a lot of fans, I’ve been enamored with Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez’s Spider-Gwen design since she showed up in Edge of the Spider-Verse #2. It’s sleek and minimal, and I knew I had to turn it into nail art.

White Lotus vs. Red Lotus nails

When Avatar: The Last Air Bender came out, I thought it was the epitome of what animation should be. Then along came The Legend of Korra to rocket the standard to new heights. This nail set it my ode to the antagonists of Book 3, the Red Lotus, as well as their peaceful predecessors, the White Lotus.

Hearthstone manicure

Nail art to celebrate the upcoming launch of Blizzard’s new TCG, Hearthstone: Because what’s on your hand is just as important as what’s in it!*

*Pun brought to you by Brian. Blame him, not me! =X

DIY nail decals

Featuring the Zerg emblem from my Starcraft nail set. In this post, I will guide you through my tried and tested, Pinterest inspired method of creating nail decals. Now you too can create intricate nail designs to impress you friends and attentive store clerks!

Zerg nails

The emblem on the thumb was done using the decal technique which I WILL be posting tomorrow! Swear it. The photographs and write up are done. I’m just spacing it out so it seems like I’m more active on this blog. ^^; The rest of the manicure was done using the water spotted technique, which…

Valentine’s Day manicure

A little late because I didn’t have the time to edit my photos prior to the day, but here they are. I’ve gotta say, it’s probably one of my favorite manicures. And longest lasting! It’s still completely chip free after a week. I recently purchased those Sally Hansen nail polish strips to try out. While…

TARDIS watercolor galaxy pseudo-French tip manicure

Phew, that title’s a doozy. Anyway, on to the boring, technical stuff. I used this watercolor manicure tutorial from Bellezza Bee, but modified it slightly to get the look I wanted. I’ll probably do my own walkthrough at a later date, after I’m finished with the decal tutorial, which has been photographed and just needs…

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