Angry Birds Halloween candy bowl

  • 8″ x 8″ (without hat), 8″ x 17″ (with hat)
  • Materials used: Tissue paper, construction paper, Mod Podge, hot glue, acrylic paint
  • Work time: Approximately 10 hours

My Mom is a total Angry Birds addict. The “Wheeeee!”’s and the sound of crashing have been my evening background noise since she discovered the game for her iPad. So I thought it’d be cute to make her a Halloween themed Angry Birds candy holder.

It’s made like your standard pinata, with a balloon and paper mache, but I used thicker paper so it would be more sturdy. The “feathers” were rectangular pieces of tissue paper, glued only along the top edge and laid in overlapping rows. Note to self: next time, draw the rows on so they’re even.

The hat is made out of construction paper. I didn’t have any red ribbon handy so I painted it on with acrylic paint. I chose to leave the hot glue strands on the hat to mimic cobwebs. No, it’s not because I was lazy. Pshhhhhh…

Sadly, we had ZERO trick-or-treaters this year so that bowl is still full. But on the bright side, I just heard about this candy buy back program run by Operation Gratitude, where you bring your candy local dentists and they give it to the troops. I’d love to offer all this sugary goodness to our service men and women. Has anyone had experience with this? Please let me know how it went!

Anyway, I hope you all had more eventful Halloweens than I did!