Once Upon A Time: Connections

Disclaimer: This is an unofficial, fan-made Once Upon A Time connections chart. I do not, in any way, own the characters or their likenesses. I am not affiliated with ABC or Disney. ABC and Disney own all the rights to Once Upon A Time. This is just a fan creation.

My Mom and I have very different tastes in television. She likes watching Hallmark movies and home renovation shows, while I almost exclusively watch things that are violent and have an element of the fantastic to it. With only one TV set in the house, she usually gets to watch her shows when they come on, and I’ll watch mine On Demand or on Hulu a few days later. However, there is one show that has the magical power to bring us together, and that’s ABC’s Once Upon a Time. It’s got the ooey gooey stuff Mom looks for, and the fighting I like too.

Unfortunately, though, my Mom gets pretty confused by the storyline. Understandably so. OUAT is not the most straightforward show. It’s essentially a soap opera with fairy tale characters, way better actors, special effects, and drool-worthy costumes. So a lot of the time I’ve got to stop and answer questions like, “Who’s that?”, “Wasn’t he dead?”, and “Where is this person?”. So, to help her navigate the complicated and tangled relationship landscape of The Enchanted Forest/Storybrooke in time to celebrate the 100th episode, I’ve created a handy dandy chart.

Just a few things to note. The lines reflect either current relationship statuses as of mid-Season 5, if both parties are alive, or the status at time of death of one or both parties. For example, King Leopold is listed as both “married” to Queen Eva and “re-married” to Regina, because technically he was still married to Eva when she died, and still married to Regina when he died.

I know a lot of you will look at this and probably think things like, “But Mulan met Belle first!” or “The Blue Fairy helped pretty much everyone!”. I realized that, but for the sake of simplicity, I had to omit a connection or two. I’ve found that too many overlapping lines created confusion, so I tried to keep them to a minimum.

Also, I know that we have information on several characters’ families that were omitted from the chart. For example, we know Rapunzel had a brother who died, and her parents were king and queen of their kingdom. And we all know that Cinderella had a stepmom and two stepsisters. But if both parents’ names are unknown, I left them out. It was also to save space. (Seriously, this file was starting to get out of hand. Full size, this puppy was 2GB and let me tell you, Photoshop was not happy about it.) But if information on them ever surfaces, I’ll be sure to update the chart.

A special thanks goes out to the people who run and contribute to the Once Upon a Time and ABC Once Upon a Time wikias. I never could have compiled all of this if it weren’t for your dedication to providing accurate summaries and beautiful screencaps and promo images. Thank you thank you thank you!

I hope this helps anyone else who may have been overwhelmed by the complexity of the show!