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Tumblr Q&A: re-sizing the dragon eggs

The yarn/hook size is the easiest way to create an egg of a different size, but it’s definitely not the only way to upscale or downscale. (Haha, I had to make that pun at least once. Sorry!) TO MAKE A BIGGER EGG— Base: Add 2/4/6/etc. more increase rows. The increase pattern is simple. Each row adds…

Dragon egg submission roundup

Here are a few dragon eggs that people have made with my pattern and sent me! The green one was made by mynameismutt, who tagged me on Tumblr. The next two were tags from Instagram. The white egg from Andrea and the black egg from Mici, who added a row of chain stitches to make the…

Free crochet dragon egg pattern

While these eggs cannot produce dragons, no matter how much you heat them (and I do advise STRONGLY against this, flammable materials and all), you can still feel like a khaleesi snuggling up to these crocheted dragon eggs, inspired by Game of Thrones. It’s an intermediate level pattern. And best of all, it’s completely free!