I’m Not Your Cute Woman: Nui Harime inspired nails

Even though I’ve already seen the series, I love catching Kill La Kill on Toonami. And since tonight’s episode was the introduction to Nui, I decided to do a nail set inspired by her.

Not much to note construction-wise. As always, I used my decal method. The light pink nail polish used is Sally Hansen Insta-dri in Pink Blink, as pictured. The darker pink is Revlon #305 Sublime Strawberry. The nude ones are from an old Orly french manicure kit I got ages ago.

Interesting tidbit: The Revlon polish is scented. As the name indicates, it smells like strawberries…kind of. It’s mostly this sickeningly sweet scent that’s okay at first, but then starts to dive you crazy. Which seems appropriate for the subject matter.

My favorite thing about KLK is probably the character designs. They’re so colorful and unique. And Nui’s design is one of my top favorites. I’m not an overly girly dresser–in fact, I spent the first 5 years of my life dressed in my older male cousins’ hand-me-downs and spent the next 15 years HATING the color pink–but there’s something about her design that I find pleasing. Maybe it’s the juxtaposition between her sweet, innocent exterior and her delightfully sadistic interior. Mostly, though, it’s because there are so many adorable details that keep your eye moving. So it was hard to decide which of these things I wanted to use. In the end I settled with her skirt.

Aside from watching Toonami, I also felt it would be an appropriate time to do this manicure because my nails are getting freakishly long!

And lastly, the red yarn in the photograph was meant to represent a Banshi, which Nui can find and destroy with just one nail, as she did to Uzu. Kudos to anyone who got it without needing me to point it out!