Kill la Kill’s Senketsu scarf

  • 40″ long
  • Materials used: Red cotton fabric; crafting wire; red, orange, yellow, and black fabric paint
  • Work time: Less than 24 hours

Technical Walkthrough

I gathered reference images to approximate Senketsu’s eye dimensions. Next, I measured the circumference of my neck and calculated how long the rest of the scarf should be before tracing it out on paper. I cut out the pattern and laid it on a my folded, red quilting fabric, so that when I cut it out I would have two identical pieces. I then sewed the two halves right sides together, leaving the top edge of the eye open so it could be inverted. Once inverted, I made a wire frame into the shape of the eye and placed it inside. Then I closed the open edge with a ladder stitch. Lastly, I used my fabric paint to paint on the eye itself.

Overall, this is probably the quickest I’ve ever completed a project. I’m quite pleased with myself, considering it takes me forever to do anything. This is progress for me.

Additional Comments

This is actually a throwback post. I completed this back in September, the day after the finale aired, and I shot and cleaned my photos within the next week. I’ve just been procrastinating on doing the write up. Someone, please teach me how to blog in a timely fashion!

Anyway, at the time Kill la Kill premiered, I had a similar haircut to Ryuko’s, and I’m always on the lookout for characters I could potentially cosplay. However, her outfits leave much to be desired–and by that, I mean I could personally do with more fabric. I do not have the confidence to rock anything that revealing. Guess I’ll never achieve Life Fiber Synchronization with that attitude, huh?

So when episode 14 rolled around and she showed up wearing a track suit and Senketsu as a scarf, I thought, “Hey, maybe that’s something I could pull off!” So I got to making this. I knew it would be easy enough, but the trick was making Senketsu’s eye retain its shape. I considered fabric stiffener, but in the end opted for a wire frame.

However, since then I’ve abandoned my desire to cosplay her. I just don’t have an angry enough face! I blame my high eyebrows, haha. They make it hard for me to look anything but happy or surprised. I even tried the gluestick/eyebrow trick, but it’s just my bone structure. They can’t go much lower than where they already are, because everything below it is just eyelid. Alas, my hunt for a character whose face I can pull off continues…

Since it was a quick project, I have been considering knocking out a few more and putting it up in this purported Etsy store I keep threatening to make. Would this be something you guys would be interested in buying?

And lastly, as I must always do, I’m sneaking in one of my silly pictures.


See? I’m incapable of looking convincingly angry!